Our 2014 Social Media Events

Social Media 2014 Programme

A word cloud summary of our social media programme in 2014 that included public courses, in-house training, seminars and workshops. Our public training programme is run in collaboration with UK4Business. […]

Here’s to a Week-End Without Social Media

Cheers to a week-end without social media

I wrote a post on LinkedIn about this a few weeks ago that really struck a chord – loads of comments and an awful lot of sympathy for position. Whilst […]

Social Media Presentation in July 2014

Camberley Heath Golf Club

July has been yet another busy month and I gave two short social media presentations to business groups in Camberley and in Farnham. The brief was to give a taster […]

5 Golden Rules for Children’s Online Safety

Golden Rules to follow to maintain your kids’ online safety – especially using social media. Be social, be safe.

A Problem With LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn for Business

As we have presented our LinkedIn training courses over the last few months we have included a warning about a problem of privacy with LinkedIn Company Pages.

Common Mistakes that People Make In Their LinkedIn Profile Settings

LinkedIn for Business

While updating our LinkedIn for Business seminar for our 2014 social media training programme I researched across the web looking at many posts about LinkedIn.