The Social Media Bureau is proud to be working with Capture the Games. They produce high quality prints and framed souvenir photos of the Olympic Games and one of the things we are involved in is the selection of photo of the day.

There is such a wealth of fantastic photos that we are actually posting two a day.  We are making the choice based on such things as design, composition and drama; images that capture the unique locations and the vibrant team colours. So far I think there has only been one emotionally based selection and that was Andy Murray smiling, and we think that counts as part of the unusual photo category.

The Capture the Games website does have all the usual, winning and medal ceremony photos but this is a great opportunity to show some of the more unusual images and to appreciate some of the athletes who are really in it for the ‘taking part’ rather than the winning.

London 2012 Rowing

London 2012 CanoeingLondon 2012 FencingPlease visit the blog or the Facebook page to see how we are doing, and if you think we have missed a fabulous photo let us know!