This is a summary of some recent posts about Google+ finally going corporate and adding Google+ Pages to their offering.

Just the same as when Google+ was first announced, everyone wants to try out the new comer to the block. Especially as it is from Google.

Here are five recent articles about Google+ Pages that we have seen.

  1. Hubze – right now, probably the best place to start
    How to Create a Google+ Page
  2. From Mashable
    How to set Up a Google+ Brand Page
  3. A summary from CNET
    Google is finally starting to let businesses set up shop on its Google+ social network
  4. From Google – a sort of “How to get started” guide
    Get closer to your customers with Google+
  5. Also from Google – the blog post of Vic Gundrotta, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google
    Google+ Pages: connect with all the things you care about

And finally here are some example Google+ Brand Pages